About Lübeck

About the Hanseatic City of Luebeck:

In 819 already the name of a Slavonic trading centre „Liubice“ at river Trave is confirmed. Luebeck – founded 1143, destruction by fire in 1157 and refounded by Henry the Lion in 1159, so more than 850 years old, is situated in the German state Schleswig-Holstein, about 65 km north-east of Hamburg. The city was built on an „island“ between two arms of the river Trave, which mouthes into the Baltic Sea at Travemuende (17 km from the city), our sea-side resort, which actually is a suburb of Lübeck.

Although during world war II 20 % of our city was destroyed, most buildings have been restored or renovated. Many buildings, most of them made by bricks, are several hundred years old. In 1987 Luebeck has been recognised by the UNESCO as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE.KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

St. Marien                                             Holstentor                                         St. Petri

The „trade-mark“ of Luebeck is the HOLSTENTOR, built in 1478. It is one of the two remaining former city gates.

Travemuende has marvellous beaches and a large ferry port with ferries going to most Scandinavian countries. We also have a port „in town“ and by a canal are connected with the river Elbe and more barge going canals.

Luebeck has 215.000 inhabitants.

Luebeck has public transport, busses to all parts of town at a dense schedule. Luebeck is to be reached by train or bus, it even has an airport.

The nearest international airport is Hamburg.

We have a very active cultural life: a theatre with own company and orchestra, a musical university, regular concerts, also in different churches. The town has lots of water and green and also beautiful surroundings, lakes, small hills, forests.

More information:  http://www.luebeck.de/languages/eng/city_portrait/index.html

June 2014

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