Our Club

The official club name is

The Friendship Force of Lübeck e.V.

Our club was founded in 1987 and today we have about 30 members (2020) .

Usually we have two incoming international visits and one or two outgoing international trips per year.

The closest major airport is in Hamburg, about one hour ride by car or train.

The general program for visitors:

You will see a lot of Lübeck: there will be a reception in the townhall and a guided city-tour (in english). As it is not possible to drive through the city, we have to walk. After lunch we climb the tower of St-Peters-Church ( by elevator) and do a boat-trip round the city.

Usually we do a day trip to Hamburg and a day trip to another town or interesting place in the vicinity. And we visit Travemünde, „Lübeck’s pretty daughter“ at the coast of the Baltic Sea. We offer sufficient free time with hosts to get to know our daily life. We can make you familiar with historical facts and sites about the former border between East and West Germany, which ran very near to Lübeck.

The program can be adjusted to your interests and local special events. The costs per person are 135 € and include most lunches, transport and entrance fees


Our weather is often humid and windy, as we live near the Baltic Sea.
Raincoat and / or umbrella as well as a cardigan or sweater are necessary contents of the luggage, also comfortable shoes, as a lot of walking has to be done!
Best time of the year for a visit to Luebeck are the months May / June and August / September.

Here is the actual weather forecast for Lübeck

About Lübeck:

Lübeck – Sights (in english)